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Australian YA Authors You Need To Read - Epic Reads Blog Why would anyone want to explore the most notable pieces of Australian literature, when there is Twilht, Fifty Shades of Grey, and all those books by Paulo Coelho? So many wonderful authors hail from so many wonderful countries around the world, but for some unknown reason Australia seems to have a.

The 25 Greatest Australian Graffiti Writers Complex Each of the quizzes in this category covers a range of Australian authors - if you are interested in quizzes about a specific Australian writer, look for quizzes categorised under their surname. This quiz looks at a variety of Australian literature where someone has gone exploring and/or missing. I can't travel back there but I can still read about it... Hopefully, this quiz will inspire you to take a closer look at them. The 25 Greatest Australian Graffiti Writers. Nick Schonberger. By Nick Schonberger. Former deputy editor. Arsenal supporter. Follow Nick on.

Australia's Top 100 Favourite Homegrown Reads – Better Reading They are part of a tradition of Australian language and literature as well as establishing themselves as part of visual art. The classic Australian children's novel – a perennial favourite for nearly 120 years. One of Australia's greatest mysteries, and a haunting work of fiction.

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