<strong>Thesis</strong> Tutorial - Creating <strong>Custom</strong> Categories - Sugarrae

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Thesis Tutorial - Creating Custom Categories - Sugarrae Have you ever wanted to change your Thesis nav menu in some way? So, if you're not using Thesis, all you need to do is duplicate the basic template of your theme and and then customize it for each.

How to Use Thesis and Custom CSS to Customize Thesis - Art of Blog Using the Thesis Theme with Word Press we recently came across a situation where we needed to hide, or not show, the Multimedia Box and 1st sidebar on a certain page and only show the 2nd sidebar. Learn how to use Thesis Custom CSS with this tutorial. Before you ever get your hands dirty with any CSS/HTML/PHP code, check this video for help with.

How to add Custom Post Types to Thesis 2.x - DIY WP Blog The latest Thesis Theme (with Word Press 3.0 integration) isn’t out as of this writing. Custom post types are nothing new in WordPress but since thesis 2.1. is via which is very much like the found in.

Custom Images and Category Pages in Thesis - Bill Erickson Custom post types are nothing new in Word Press but since thesis 2.1 added a query box to the mix I fured I would show you how to take advantage of this and use them to diversify your content. Thesis stores the URL for the post image in a custom field titled. To make a thumbnail, you simply link to script and include the.

How to use the Custom Loop API in the Thesis Theme for. - Aldosoft In Thesis 2, you are able to create your own “hooks” — areas where your PHP can execute code — giving you control over precisely where a given action occurs. Check out the thesis/file, it has one line of code. To explore the Thesis Custom Loop API we can use a simplified version of what.

How To Add a Second WordPress Navation Menu In Thesis Using. In the latest release of the Thesis theme for Word Press a new feature for advanced theme customization was added ed the Thesis Custom Loop API. Thesis Tutorial on how to add a second nav menu to your thesis theme for. create with them using your thesis custom file editor and a bit of custom PHP script.

Thesis How to Use Custom Templates With Custom Post Types Boxes (e.g., HTML Containers, Post Boxes, and Query Boxes). The latest Thesis Theme with WordPress 3.0 integration isn't out as of this. In your /custom/location_file you would do the.

<strong>Thesis</strong> Tutorial - Creating <strong>Custom</strong> Categories - Sugarrae
How to Use <strong>Thesis</strong> and <strong>Custom</strong> CSS to <strong>Customize</strong> <strong>Thesis</strong> - Art of Blog
How to add <i>Custom</i> Post Types to <i>Thesis</i> 2.x - DIY WP Blog
<b>Custom</b> Images and Category Pages in <b>Thesis</b> - Bill Erickson
How to use the <strong>Custom</strong> Loop API in the <strong>Thesis</strong> Theme for. - Aldosoft
How To Add a Second WordPress Navation Menu In <i>Thesis</i> Using.

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